Today Power customers use a variety of tools to manage their data centers.  As the various enterprises grow and change in their delivery models, there's an increasing need for aggregated views and insight into the large amount of system configurations, code levels, performance metrics, etc. from a central location.

IBM Cloud Management Console for Power Systems can provide customers with these aggregated views and insights into their data by leveraging IBM's cloud platform and analytics engines without the need to install any new software and with minimal setup. Informative dashboards, easy search tools, and predictive analysis will greatly simplify systems management as data center topologies grow in size and complexity. Enterprise Pools 2.0 is also managed and monitored via IBM Cloud Management Console with granular, real-time, historical views of consumption by resource by Partition & System.


Free Hosted Trial

If you'd like to use the IBM Cloud Management Console, you?re in luck! We have an instance of the hosting platform and apps available for you to use for 72 hours for no charge!

Once signed up, you'll be able to access the platform dashboard, all supported apps, and data insights they provide.  The data you will see comes from a pre-configured on-prem environment used for PowerVC hosted trials 

Each Hosted Trial client will get exclusive use of this environment for several days at a time.  The Hosted Trial environment is running the latest build, which is continuously delivered, allowing rapid access to new capabilities.

Prerequisites for Hosted Trial Access

1. An IBM ID with valid contact information.  See https://www.ibm.com/account/profile/us

2. Accept the Agreement which covers any confidential information IBM will share in this trial.  We ask participants not to share any confidential information.


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