IBM Security zSecure Audit limited, no charge offer terms 

This COVID-19, limited, no fee offer is valid:

  • for new Clients of IBM Security zSecure Audit
  • for use of IBM Security zSecure Audit in production and non-production environments as needed at no charge, with support, through 31 December 2020.
  • through 31 December 2020; however, IBM may withdraw the availability of this offer at any time, without notice.

Additional information:

  • Clients may contact IBM Support.
  • This offer does not include deployment services.  Customers requiring assistance with product deployment are strongly encouraged to contact their IBM representatives.
  • This offer does not impact existing contracts nor renewals for existing Clients of IBM Security zSecure Audit.
  • MIPs, capacity and other charges  which accrue with respect to other IBM offerings as a result of the use of the Program will continue to apply.

Expiration of offer term:

  • The Program must be removed from Client's environment on, or before, 1 January 2021, if paid licenses are not obtained.


  • The Parties acknowledge that no-charge access to the Program pursuant to this Agreement is provided to Client, and not to any particular individual or Client employee.  Neither IBM nor Client believes that no-charge access to the Program raises any actual or potential conflicts of interest.  Such no-charge access is independent of any past, present or potential future arrangements, and is not connected to an existing business relationship between Client and IBM.  
  • Client will use the deliverables, services and products received under this Agreement solely for the purposes outlined above, in a manner that reflects the highest standards of ethical conduct and in accordance with all laws, rules, policies and regulations applicable to Client, including without limitation anti-bribery laws.  Client agrees that no-charge access to the Program is not intended to influence, and will not influence, the procurement decisions of Client (or any organization with which Client's elected and appointed officials, officers, board members or trustees are affiliated), and that such no-charge access is not intended, in any manner, to circumvent any established Client or local procurement or ethics laws or rules.  The Program may not be used to undertake any activity that may directly or indirectly support terrorists or acts of terrorism, or for any other unlawful purpose.
  • Client confirms that no-charge access to the Program complies with all applicable ethics laws, and that such access does not conflict with any applicable law, regulation, or Client policy.  Client has obtained all necessary approvals and authorizations to accept no-charge access to the Program.
  • No-charge access to the Program is provided on the understanding confirmed by Client that such access will not preclude or restrict IBM from proposing or bidding on any business opportunities that might exist now or in the future with Client (or any organization with which Client elected and appointed officials are affiliated).  No-charge access to the Program is not made for the purpose of lobbying.  Client and IBM will each take appropriate action to mitigate or eliminate any conflicts of interest that might interfere with no-charge access to the Program or any future agreements between the parties.


IBM's statements regarding its plans, directions and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM's sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.